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Foundation Session

This is where we begin.  In 90 minutes you'll learn how to use tapping for your specific needs, even to discover what the true issues are!  And begin to discover how these powerful techniques can transform your life and your health. You'll learn how to stay safe while  clearing out subconscious beliefs, old programming and hurts. I'll make sure you know how to do this work safely on your own.  And when you'll need support.  This session creates a foundation to build on should you  decide to continue working with me to transform your life in a deeper and more permanent way. Working with an experienced practitioner allows you to "see what you can't see" through someone else's eyes.

150.00 USD

The Basic Bundle

Once we've begun you may want to buy your sessions in smaller packages.  This basic bundle is three sessions.  As with all  packages you'll have access to me between sessions by email, and a private client log where we can communicate and keep track of your progress.

280.00 USD

Single session

When you want to pay for individual sessions as you go along,

100.00 USD

The Body Census Meditation

Stress can show up as many different bodily discomforts.  And, when we dwell on them, as we do because being uncomfortable is so attention grabbing, the neurological wiring in our brains grows bigger.  And then the pathway to feeling that discomfort gets bigger and easier for your brain to access.  It becomes the go-to response in your brain, ignoring  other pathways, which then dwindle and become harder to find. Because of how the brain works, what  you feel most strongly or most often becomes more pronounced. It's essentially a positive feedback loop.  Your brain is causing you pain.

Think of a trail.  Ones that are well traveled get bigger and those that aren't get overgrown and disappear.

This exercise is designed to reconnect you to your whole body again.  This strengthens your brain's connections to other parts of your body that are NOT causing you difficulties.

Do it as often as you wish. As you strengthen your connections to your whole body, and pay less attention to  the difficult parts, it will be easier to shift your attention away from any area that is hurting and to another part of your body.

This is like leaving a room where a loud radio is blasting, closing the door and walking away.  The radio may still be playing, and you may still hear it, but it's distant and not too troublesome.

I invite you to rediscover the lost paths to your whole body.



16.95 USD

Getting To The Dentist With Ease

EFT helps you to retrain your brain. Right now when you think of the dentist you have a programmed response.  And that response is keeping you from the dental/health care you need

In this course we'll:

  • identify your specific issues and triggers
  • create a calm state of mind and body
  • release the stuck stress that is causing the problems
  • create a new response the the thought of going to the dentist

This course gives you the tools to use EFT to create the state of mind that going to the dentist is no big deal so you can get or keep that radiant smile that attracts and lets your heart shine.


117.00 USD

Subscription Support

A monthly subscription to life transformation support.  The hardest part of tapping is...doing the tapping.  For a small  monthly charge I'll be in email contact with you twice a month and we will have a 30 minute call ( phone or video).  This helps keep you inspired to tap, provides some structure and accountability, and, most importantly, a cheerleader and guide to share your success with and make some observations to keep you going.

45.00 USD
every 30 days until canceled

The Habits of Happiness I

We are all born with a Happiness set-point.  About 40-50% of this is genetically inherited, another 10% is our circumstances.  This leaves about 50% under our control!  This is excellent news, because it shows that our happiness is largely ours to change.

The even better news is that through certain activities and developing certain habits we can actually influence our genetic material to up-regulate the factors that will increase our happiness. Our DNA is not fixed as we once thought, but can be influenced to either decrease or increase our happiness.  And that includes our health, the harmony of our relationships, our career success and more.

In 'The Habits of Happiness I'  I share some of the foundational activities and cognitive shifts that will give you the tools to increase your happiness.

  • You will learn to shift your energy as needed,
  • recognize when you need an energy shift
  • Learn how to develop a habit
  • try out powerful body hacks that will shift you immediately into a better state of mind
  • Learn how to discover the buried road blocks to your happiness in your subconscious
  • And practice many techniques that will help you stuff your tool box for happiness

Included are some of the most powerful techniques I've learned in my own health and healing journey.  I know they will help you too. 

Are you ready to up level your Happiness set-point?

197.00 USD